Thursday, 22 January 2009

Feb 09

We will be doing Frankenstein - the original . - Perhaps Bloke D will find this the acceptable face of Sci-Fi...
Black Mass - a breathless run through Western Philosophy - down with the Enlightenment - and a polemic against Bush and Blair . Much to talk about and thought-provoking .
Bloke D points out the straw men the author puts up to destroy .

A good range of beer provided by Bloke J


Since October 2002 a small group of blokes has met to have a beer and discuss a book . Time to share our musings with the world.

Four of us have lasted all that time , one has moved away, a couple have tried and not engaged and one or two have joined .
Now we are Six.

So each month our book and some thoughts

Perhaps gradually highlights of the past as well